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Books by MFI Members

Latest releases by MFI members:

BEYOND: A Vision for Ten  Cities | Dr. David Cannistraci

IN BEYOND: A VISION FOR TEN CITIES, you’ll take a journey through the pages of Scripture and discover the story behind the newest chapter of GateWay's growing vision. Along the way, you’ll reconnect with God’s boundless love for all people, the limitless potential of the church, and your unique place in the plan of God..

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Live Love: Becoming Like Christ in Thought, Speech and Action | Van Bradeen

We are called to live love, but how? Jesus did it. He had a vital connection with the Father. He immersed himself in the Scriptures. And He served those around him to the point of laying down his life. As Pastor Van Bradeen shows us, living love starts with restoring the believer and then assembling all believers one to another. Learn the patient application of everything Jesus taught, step by step, until the seams disappear and the love of God is revealed among us. Learn to live love.

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Wholehearted: The Crossing | Jeff Ecklund

Our journey is filled with transitions, challenges and crossings. I’ve yet to meet a man who didn’t feel he was created for something bigger. That was my frustration as well until I understood it as the Kingdom of God propelling me forward to greater realms. The lives of Joshua and Caleb give us courage and insight. Being wholehearted, they navigated Israel’s future through the forty-year wilderness and finally crossed over to possess the Promised Land. Here is their story gleaned through years of study and life experiences—biblical truths to help us navigate the crossings of life. Being wholehearted changes how we live. This book teaches us how.
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The Freedom Factor: Finding Peace By Forgiving Others...And Yourself 
Bruce Wilkinson & Mark Strong 

What if the most pressing sin of our day was invisible, hidden deep inside our hearts? What if its secret nature affected every aspect of our lives and relationships so quietly and insidiously that most of us never made the connection between the sin and its tormenting symptoms? The Freedom Factor isn't just another book about forgiveness; with pastoral sensitivity, the authors lead readers through an interactive process of forgiveness that is simple, profound, and absolutely life changing.

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Divine Merger; What Happens When Jesus Collides with Your Community |             
Mark Strong 









































hat would happen if your church, and your city/community had a head-on-collision? The answer...You would have exactly what God wants - A Divine Merger! No matter the size of your church something amazing can happen where you live. Divine Merger practically reveals keys you can use to make the collision a reality. Your community and your church will never be the same.
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Life-Changing Leadership | Frank Damazio                                    
Life-Changing Leadership is a guide to equipping and releasing the gifts, strengths and passions of the people God has brought together to lead your church. When you channel your influence and energy into the lives of the people on your team who are called to lead, they will become the "dream team" who will turn your vision into reality. 
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Seasons of the Spirit; Finding Joy in the Changes of Life 

One of the greatest challenges we all face in life are unexpected changes that we experience. We go along in life and suddenly one day everything turns upside down. The goal of this book is to provide material to hlep everybody understand their season of life. We're all at different places in our journey, but we can gain helpful personal encouragement by understanding the cycle of the Seasons of the Spirit.

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The Other Face of Victory | Carlos Peñaloza
An Impacting Testimony of Faith built in the midst of suffering and death written by Carlos Peñaloza. Why do people who believe in God suffer? How do they overcome the death of a loved one? In this book, you will find the answers to these questions, through the unique experiences that Carlos and Miriam share with the reader. We invite you to dive into their lives and discover the path to true victory.                            
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Church In The New Testament | Kevin J. Conner
Kevin J. Conner's comprehensive study of the Church and God's eternal plan for it is laid out in the Church in the New Testament. This encyclopedic reference work is designed to give a
comprehensive biblical understanding of the universal and local New Testament Church.
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Feasts of Israel | Kevin J. Conner
Kevin Conner presents a colorful picture of grace and redemption in this study of the feasts of Israel. He shows how Old Testament types find fulfillment in the new covenant and the church. Conner covers both Mosaic and post-Mosaic festivals. He also briefly covers the modern Jewish festivals and provides important spiritual lessons for the Church today.
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Strategic Vision | Frank Damazio
Effective leaders see the future the way God sees it, and they lead others to bridge the present to that future. They know where they are and where they want to go and can show others how to do the same. Strategic Vision will guide you in creating a simple yet compelling vision for your church and show you how to sustain your vision.
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Strategic Church | Frank Damazio
How do we build biblical churches that connect to our world today without compromising? How do we become strategic leaders who build strategic churches? The new book Strategic Church explores the answers to these questions and more.
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Jesus Today | Marc Estes
Jesus Today will encourage every believer to live life as Jesus would, were He physically alive on earth today. Jesus Today is presented in two major sections. Each chapter has a modern day fictional story based on Jesus’ parables followed by practical and applicable teaching.
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Worship God! | Ernest Gentile
Thoroughly researched and supported by quotes from leaders in every stream of historic orthodox Christianity, Worship God gives timely and practical answers to the challenging questions surrounding spiritually vital worship. A must read resource for pastors and worship leaders.
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Truths That Build | Dick Iverson
Dick Iverson bases this work on twelve foundational truths that he calls the “Principles that Will Establish and Strengthen the People of God.” Each principle explains what every Christian should focus on and gives practical insight to Christian living, thus strengthening the believer and the People of God.
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Building Churches that last | Dick Iverson
Receive the biblical blueprints of God's plan for His people to build the Body of Christ. This book addresses misconceptions about church growth and gives you keys for building a triumphant church.
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Cultivating Prayer & Intercession in the Local Church | Dr. Mark Jones
Founded upon biblical principles and the author’s many years of experience in prayer ministry, the power-packed points in this book will instruct and inspire all Christians in their divine call for intercession, both personally and in the local church gathering.
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The Hidden Power of a Mother’s Heart | Glenda Malmin
In The Hidden Power of a Mother's Heart, mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be will be encouraged and challenged as they relate to the mothering journey of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her deep challenges as the mother of the Son of God were unique, yet there is much from her life that mothers can identify with and learn from in every page of this beautifully written book
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Woman You Are Called & Anointed | Glenda Malmin
Glenda addresses the issue of a woman's individual call to serve the Lord. Every reader will feel the uniqueness of her own need to answer this call and understand God's specific anointing to enable them to succeed. Additionally, this book addresses the issues facing women who are presently in or foresee a future in any leadership/ministry position.
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Bible Research | Ken Malmin
Expand your scriptural insight as you learn specific methods and essential tools needed for successful study of God's Word. Bible Research includes both text and self-instructional workshops so that it can be used for either classroom or individual study.
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Apostles: The Fathering Servant | Bill Scheidler
Bill Scheidler has illuminated the qualifications and function of an apostle today by approaching the subject from a purely biblical point of view. Apostles compares this biblical view with current apostolic trends found in the church today. If you are a leader or pastor, Apostles will serve as your roadmap to understanding the function of an apostle today.
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Principles of Church Life | Bill Scheidler
Principles of Church Life walks the believer through 25 powerful lessons about the importance of Church life and lays out God’s dynamic plan for the Church and His desire for the committed active involvement of every member. This book is a must for any church leader who wants to encourage the local church to a higher level of commitment and healthy Christian living.
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Reach of The Cross | Mike Servello
Reach of the Cross offers revealing insights into the lives of five individuals who were present when Jesus was crucified and details how each experienced their own significant encounter with Him. These people represent five aspects of modern-day society and present a prophetic picture of key areas where God wants to bring change to our world.
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God’s Shield of Protection | Mike Servello
Learning to Pray Seven Powerful Shields of Protection around Your Life.
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