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Our History

MFI began as an organization in 1987 in response to a pressing need among pastors and leaders of independent churches for a sense of covering, accountability, identity and connection. Pastor Dick Iverson, who at the time was the pastor of Bible Temple (now City Bible Church), was meeting many pastors and church leaders who felt as if they were alone. They had a distinct vision, a common value system and doctrinal distinctives that were compatible; but apart from joining a traditional denomination, there was no vehicle through which they could associate themselves with other like minded leaders.

In response to this cry, MFI was established to be that vehicle. MFI is an independent corporation set up for the express purpose of linking ministers to ministers. It was established distinctly to strengthen ministers while maintaining a high regard for the autonomy of every local church.


Click here to download the MFI Vision and Purpose Brochure.

25th Anniversary from MFI on Vimeo.


Letter from the Founder

Ministers Fellowship International is a dream come true. For many years I wondered how ministers could come together for a common purpose, without having to face issues of control and sacrificing their local church autonomy.

When I was a young pastor, I searched for fathers in the faith and other pastors who were going the same direction that I was going. I needed guidance and I needed fellowship, yet nothing seemed available to me. The local ministers gatherings were good but, because they were a blend of different philosophies and concepts, they did not fully meet the need.

As I matured in ministry, God gave me a real heart for pastors who are alone like I was. MFI has come out of that heart. I am thankful for the Apostolic Leadership Team that has come together to fully share in this vision. It takes a team of committed leaders to see any vision come to pass. God has fully blessed us with some of the greatest men and women of God to be found in the earth today. It is wonderful to walk together with other leaders for the sake of a greater harvest.



Your Fellow Servant,



K.R. Iverson

MFI Founder



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